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Principal’s Message

August 15​th,​ 2017

Greetings from the Campus of Virginia Randolph,

On behalf of the staff at AVR, we want to say hello and welcome you to a new school year. We are excited about the success we enjoyed last year through our hard work and commitment. We increased our SOL scores in all four content areas! Our English SOL scores increased by 22.9% and our Math SOL scores increased by 31.6%. Our discipline data has continued to decrease every year for the past three years. Last year all of our graduates were either employed, enlisted in the armed forces or enrolled in a 4 year or 2 year college, or committed to community colleges. We are ready to build on last year’s success and make the 2017-2018 school year just as great. Our school theme will continue as last years:

We will continue to strengthen our school community through building on the values of Respect, Reasonability, and Relationships. Please read the important dates and information section below. A very important piece of information that all students and parents need to know is that uniforms WILL NOT be mandatory this school year for AVR students. However, the HCPS Dress Code Policy will be STRICTLY enforced and that policy is listed in the information below. The administrative team will be available the rest of the summer completing our plans for a great 2017-2018 school year​. ​Please​ ​do not hesitate to call or stop by and say hello. We look forward to meeting the students and families of the Campus of Virginia Randolph.



Jesse M. Casey, Principal






Important Dates and Information:

HCPS Dress Code Policy: ❖ AVR students will no longer be required to wear a school uniform, however the HCPS Dress code policy as specifically stated in the HCPS Code of Conduct will be strictly enforced and expected to be followed by all students. The HCPS Dress Code policy is attached below.

Fee Night:

❖ August 31st, 2017, 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. ❖ Schedules will be available ❖ Fees will be based on Student’s Schedule

First Day of School:
❖ September 5​th ❖ School Hours are 8:50 a.m. – 3:55 p.m. ❖ Bus information will be available during Fee Night and online through the Power School Parent Portal.

Back to School Night:
❖ September 19​th​ at 6:15 p.m.

HCPS Dress Code Policy

While most students dress appropriately and safely for school, the School Board and school staff rely on students and parents to exercise judgment in promoting modesty, decency, and a sense of decorum so as not to disrupt the learning environment. School climate has a direct influence on student achievement, and the manner in which students dress is a significant factor in school climate. Students must dress modestly and in a manner that neither distracts from nor substantially disrupts the learning environment; therefore, a student’s appearance that is disruptive, distracting, or hazardous is prohibited.
The administration of every school has the authority to notify students and parents of modifications to the dress code for spirit days and other school celebrations, as particular items pose a disruption, or as other circumstances warrant. Students ​may not wear​ the following items unless otherwise stated:
● Hoods, hats, face masks, or head coverings of any kind inside school buildings during regular school hours unless required for religious or medical reasons. ● The following items on school grounds during regular school hours: bandanas, do-rags, head scarves (with the exception of head garments for religious reasons), hair picks, wave caps, large combs, brushes, and rollers. ● Sunglasses, unless prescribed by a physician. ● Dresses, skirts, shorts, athletic shorts, and other similar clothing must reach the tip of the thumb when hands placed at the sides (arms straight with palms flat). When wearing leggings, tights, or similar apparel as an outer garment, tops must also reach the tip of the thumb. ● Messages on clothing, chains, jewelry, and personal belongings that pertain to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, gangs, vulgarity, or that could cause a substantial disruption to the learning environment. ● Spiked jewelry, chains, and items which could cause student injury. ● Beachwear (which includes bathing suits and trunks) and sleepwear.

● Clothing that reveals undergarments.

● Cut-off jeans, cut-off sweat pants, or torn, ripped, or slashed clothing that reveals undergarments or body parts excluded by other parts of this code.

● Bedroom slippers or shoes with wheels, also known as “Heelys.”

● Clothing that reveals the midriff while sitting or standing.

● Clothing that is tight, skimpy, or with plunging necklines.

● Clothing that is see-through, revealing, or resembles undergarments.

● Tube tops, halter-tops, halter-top dresses, strapless dresses or tops or dresses with spaghetti straps (tops must be at least two inches wide at the shoulder).

● High heels or flip flops at the elementary level (Elementary students are encouraged to wear athletic shoes or closed toe shoes with a rubber sole and should wear such shoes for Physical Education and recess).

● Coats inside the school building during the school day as determined by the administrative staff depending on the school design and administrative ability to provide storage for coats.

● Students must wear clothing as designed (buttoned, zipped, etc.) Students must wear pants on the hips, secured above the buttocks.

Students may not: ● Drape towels, shirts, or shorts around the neck. ● Roll down waistbands on shorts, pants, and skirts. ● Wear clothing in any manner that reveals undergarments at any time. ● Wear athletic basketball jerseys without wearing a t-shirt beneath the jersey.

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