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Family and Student Resources

School hours of operaton/ Drop off times: School hours are from 9:00 am-3:55 pm. Students (car riders) are not permitted to enter the school building before 8:15 am. Bus riders may not enter the building until 8:30 am

Student Pick up Area: Parents may pick up their child at the end of the school day without first reporting to the attendance office.

Identification of Parking Spaces: There are reserved parking spaces in the main parking lot. Students have a designated parking area that is across from E Building. Staff Members are assigned to parking spaces around campus building

Directional Flow of Traffic-At the entrance of the school, there is a one-wa sign to direct the flow of traffic

School Bus Drop off: Buses will enter from the right side of Virginia Randolph Museum in a seperate ramp.


Virginia Randolph Education Center:

Morning Drop-off and Pick – up: Parents will enter the school’s main parking lot from Mountain Road. Because there is not a parent drop off loop, nor an area in which this would be feasible and not interfere with bus traffic, the parents must park in the parking lot, and escort their child to the main office. If the child is not tardy, the parent will need to sign the child in prior to having the main office staff call for an escort to accompany the child to class.


School Traffic Plan: