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Nov 15

AVR Horticulture Students, Rayven and Olivia, Living the Legacy

Rayven and Olivia did such an amazing job yesterday. They conducted themselves in an absolutely professional manner and did beautiful work. They succeeded in creating 74 cut-flower arrangements for the tables in a short 3 hours. The students discussed furthering their careers in horticulture with members of the RVA Garden Club. Rayven and Olivia talked with members of the prestigious RVA Garden Club creating new friendships in the field of horticulture.



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Apr 26

Student signing day

Correll West has signed a letter of intent to work for Tolley Electrical Corp. He will start the CVECA Apprenticeship in the FALL with four years fully paid for. He will also be guaranteed 40 hours per week as well as he will have paid vacation, 401 K retirement and health insurance.


Video of signing day below:


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Apr 19

Knights volunteering for the Monument Av. 10K


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Mar 08

Horticulture Knights volunteering at Lewis Ginter

Libbie Runge, Diamond Toro, and Abby Peth went to Lewis Ginter with Ms. Wright to help dismantle a garden “turtle”. It was a large sculpture that was filled with soil and had 100s of  succulents planted in it. We had to dig out and separate all of the succulents and remove all of the weed cloth and staples. Then dig out the frame. She did not expect us to finish in our 2 hours but the ladies did such a GREAT job that we did it! Ms. Heather was so impressed. She is eagerly awaiting our return next week and my ladies are already saying they are going lol  my ladies are already saying they are going lol 

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Aug 12

• The Main Office entrance for AVR is now the front door that faces the main parking lot

  • Parent and Guardians we now have a security buzzer system to gain entrance into the main office.  We also have a new visitor sign-in system.  As a part of this new system you should be prepared to present either a driver’s license or state issued ID – this is new for the 2014-15 school year.

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