Apr 26

Student signing day

Correll West has signed a letter of intent to work for Tolley Electrical Corp. He will start the CVECA Apprenticeship in the FALL with four years fully paid for. He will also be guaranteed 40 hours per week as well as he will have paid vacation, 401 K retirement and health insurance.


Video of …

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Apr 19

Knights volunteering for the Monument Av. 10K


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Mar 08

Horticulture Knights volunteering at Lewis Ginter

Libbie Runge, Diamond Toro, and Abby Peth went to Lewis Ginter with Ms. Wright to help dismantle a garden “turtle”. It was a large sculpture that was filled with soil and had 100s of  succulents planted in it. We had to dig out and separate all of the succulents and remove all of the weed …

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Mar 01

VIDEO: Cosmetology

HCPS-TV stopped by the Cosmetology class at The Academy at Virginia Randolph. You should check it out too.

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Feb 23

Video: Today’s Classroom

HCPS-TV stopped by Mr. Smith’s History class as they discussed the Roman Republic.

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Feb 19

VIDEO: HCPS Kindness

Schools throughout the county recently celebrated Kindness Week. Check out these kind acts at Tuckahoe Middle, Wilder Middle and the Academy at Virginia Randolph.

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Jan 26

Video: Principal Appreciation

In honor of Virginia School Principals Appreciation Week, here’s a quick video shout-out to some of the principals that are making a difference in students’ lives!

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Nov 10

Video: Unity Day

HCPS TV stopped AVR for their Unity Day and the students showed us just how to work together.

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May 10

VIDEO: Girls’ Day Out

Recently the young ladies of AVR got a chance to get out of the classroom for a little fun with a “Girls Day Out” Click here to watch the video.

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May 09

SOLS (Turn Up)

SOLsTurnUp from Josh Tucker on Vimeo.

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